What We Do

We work with you and your organization to break through barriers, build greater organizational resilience and foster relationships that move your mission forward and sustain it in the long term.



We help you define your desired outcomes and direction and then create space for deep thinking and critical dialogue. We synthesize your ideas, clarify your vision and get realistic about what it will take to achieve your goals.



We prepare you for your mission by getting clear on what and who you need with you to reach your final destination. We gather the relevant data, engage the right stakeholders and prepare you for the journey ahead.



We give you an achievable strategy and custom roadmap that empowers your organization to pursue its vision with conviction and confidence. We set your direction, orient your team and prepare you to make a long-term, sustainable change.



We help you choose the best way forward by testing your assumptions and clarifying your goals. We move you from theory into action and respond to  facts, ideas and opportunities that emerge from the people we meet along the way.

Meet Gillian

Gillian Mason is a trusted advisor and social justice advocate with over 25 years working in the public and not-for-profit space. Her successful career as an advocate for social change and genuine respect for humankind have given her a reputation for breaking barriers, bridging alliances and synthesizing opposing forces.

Gillian is a true visionary and believes the solution is always within reach. Her unique understanding of how to connect people and leverage human potential within political, social and economic systems have helped her build a successful career as a leader in social change. Whether she’s guiding a canoe down heavy rapids or navigating the complexity of systems change, she believes we all have the power to make change happen.


Make Change Happen



As an advocate for social change, you are passionate about making the world a better place. You know first-hand that navigating systems to achieve that change is complex, politically fraught and difficult to do alone.

That’s why we work with you, to leverage the resources and human potential around you, and to help you imagine new solutions that create deep and lasting impact in the communities you wish to nurture.